About Mahyar

This answer may be from a subjective point of view, but what I believe is unique about me is the combination of passion, drive, and energy that engulfs my inner being when I’m tasked with something I love. I don’t believe in cutting corners, and I don’t seek shortcuts. I’ve learned that the amount of heart that drives my duties is portrayed in the end result, which in turn fuels me to put my soul into the work I do, whether it’s the editing touches of a final project, or if it’s in the breakfast I cook for my loved ones.

My first exposure to the art of filmmaking was by my cinematographer father. This exposure led me to a life-long journey and passion for directing.
My life was forever changed when my father gave me his old super 8mm camera. I enjoyed hearing the sound of the empty film roll spinning in the camera. The feeling that I had looking through the old grainy viewfinder was almost indescribable.
The knowledge and expertise my father provided me growing up has made me a better critique through a visually trained eyes. These toned skills have allowed me to direct and shoot numerous projects that have been nominated at film festivals. 

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